RowaPhos Phosphate Remover – D&D Aquatic Systems



Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Remove phosphates from your reef tank with patented, man-made ferric hydroxide from Rowa Phos. Phosphate removal in a reef tank is important because nuisance algae is fed by phosphates. This algae can overrun your expensive corals spoiling the aesthetics of the tank. Additionally, high phosphate levels can reduce the growth of coral skeletons. Significant adsorption ability – 25 g of phosphate per kg of media Once exhausted, will not leak back into the water & Easy to use and will improve the water quality by removing Phosphate

Rowa Phos was developed in Germany for treating main water supplies. Rowa Phos is a patented, man made ferric hydroxide material chemically engineered for the efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and saltwater.

100 g/100 mL Rowa Phos will remove 3ppm of phosphate from 100 US gallons of saltwater.
250 g/250 mL Rowa Phos will remove 3ppm of phosphate from 250 US gallons of saltwater.
500 g/500 mL Rowa Phos will remove 3 ppm of phosphate from 500 US gallons of saltwater.
1000g/ 1 L RowaPhos will remove 3 ppm of phosphate from 1000 US gallons of saltwater.
5 kg/5 L RowaPhos will remove 3 ppm of phosphate from 4500 US gallons of saltwater.

RowaPhos Recommendation for Use

Never wash the product unless fluidising.
It must be kept damp at all times, it is not as effective if it dries out therefore, replace the lid if not using all of the container.
Place the product between two layers of filter wool in a canister filter.
Do not sprinkle into the your reef tank.
Do not place it into water without surrounding it with filter wool
RowaPhos recommends that you use a small quantity and replace regularly rather than a large amount and replace infrequently.