ReefMat 500 Fleece Roller Filter – Red Sea

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


  • Multiple sump configuration choices with plug-and-play assembly.
  • System for quickly replacing wool mats.
  • Non-woven nylon fleece-mat sheets that are effective, high-flow, and skimmer-friendly are 50 g/m2.
  • Connected to the ReefBeat environment is a smart drive device.
  • Internal and exterior solid-state water level monitors (no moving parts).
  • Media basket with integrated filtering for extra chemicals.
  • Corrugated inlet pipe that resists kinking and has a USA/Metric PVC connection.

The ReefMat is sent fully built and ready to use. The ReefMat may be positioned wherever you choose in your sump as long as there is space available. It is designed to hang on a sump wall to save space, but it also comes with mounting legs. Installation is possible for any sump configuration since the driving unit and intake hose may both be placed on either side of the ReefMat.

One 28-meter fleece roll is included with the ReefMat 500. On a decently stocked 80 gallon reef system, each roll should last around 5-8 weeks; however, bare-bottom tanks will often exhaust rolls more quickly.

Additionally, as your system gets used to the greater level of mechanical filtration provided by the ReefMat, use may be noticeably higher for the first few weeks after installation.

ReefBeat App

  • Red Sea’s Smart Gadgets all have the same user layout.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Online alerts and tracking.

ReefBeat sends you timely information if the fleece should become trapped or ripped as well as when it requires repair. The motor won’t even try to feed any more fleece if an error happens until the problem is fixed. To help you prepare, the end of Roll Monitor tool displays the daily average use and the number of days you have left on the filter roll.


Rec. Tank Size – Up to 130 gallons

Max. Flow Capacity – 1580 GPH

Fleece-mat Width – 4.4″

Fleece-mat Length – 92′

Unit Dimensions – 8.3″ x 10.6″ x 16.7″

Media Basket – 350mL

Note: Suitable for saltwater aquariums only.