ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture – RedSea

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Reef-Spec Light Output For Optimal Coral Growth & Coloration

Red Sea has spent a lot of time testing and studying LED lighting over the past few years, and the ReefLED 90 is the product of their efforts. designed to produce superb colour and a lovely shimmer look while promoting healthy development. Red Sea continued to have excellent shape and function. The built-in WiFi enables you to connect the light directly to your smart device to adjust the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. They incorporated the operation of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium software.

  • The best output for the most color and growth.
  • With a Perfect Blend of Light and a Tiny Shimmer.
  • Moonlighting and Reef Safe Dual Channel Control.
  • ReefBeat App makes it simple to control.

Maximum Spread – 24″ X 24″

LED Information:

The clever recessed LED cluster used by ReefLEDs reduces glare from typical viewing angles. The unique lens creates a uniform light mixing that integrates well in your aquarium while focusing light into the tank. You may adjust the illumination to your viewing preferences using the Dual Channel settings, which also make sure that the overall spectrum is suitable for corals and other species that rely on it for energy.

Total LED Power – 90 Watts

Reef Spec Blue – 80 Watts

8000K White – 10 Watts

Moon Lights – 3 Watts

ReefBeat Control

ReefBeat, combine all of your Red Sea gear into a single source interface! For daily schedule programming, you may connect directly to your Red Sea ReefLED light using ReefBeat, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can also browse the included programming library for tried-and-true plans or quickly construct your own unique routine. Once you’re linked, a ton of other features become available, including a 28-day moon cycle, cloud cover effects, and easily programmable staggered dawn and sunset times.

  • Peace and Calmness of the mind.
  • Mode for acclimating to lunar cycles.
  • Weekly Timetables.
  • Effects of Sunrise and Sunset with Staggered Cloud Coverage.

Mounting Options:

ReefLED 90 Arms: Mounts to the tank’s back wall and enables the light to be turned upward for simple aquascaping or maintenance. With three variants to choose from that fit various tank widths ranging from 18″ to 27.5″.

ReefLED pendants, which are available in black or white, are perfect for longer tanks that call for several ReefLED lights. The structure can accommodate each LED light module, allowing for precise arrangement up to 72″.


Dimensions – 5.3″ L x 6.1″ W x 2.2″ H

Power Consumption – 90W

What’s Included?

1x ReefLED 90 LED Light Module

1x ReefLED Power Supply

Note: Red Sea ReefLED Lights require a connection to the ReefBeat application for initial programming. Without programming, the lights will turn onto 100% when plugged into a power outlet.