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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The Best-In-Class Just Keeps Improving!

The most recent EcoTech Radion generation continues to set industry standards with astounding advancements in light output and color. The G6 Radions are destined to become your new favorite LED reef light thanks to their innovative LED cluster, Crossbreed Hemispherically Edge Illuminating (HEI2) optical system, and diodes that extend significantly farther into the UV spectrum.

Why does Top Shelf Aquatics advise the EcoTech Marine Radion?

Simply said, we use EcoTech Marine Radions as the LEDs to illuminate our own containers most frequently.

The likelihood that the coral reefs you are familiar with and also adore have been developed or “colored-up” under a generation of Radions ranges from tank farming to the household fish tank.

Features and also Improvements to the Radion G6

Our fish tank lights must include radions for a reason. Every generation has improved upon the successful results of the one before it, using the most modern in design and innovation to give us a cutting-edge light that combines successful results with increased use. Ecotech Marine has put a lot of time and attention into developing and testing illumination programs, such as the popular SPS ABDOMINAL+, that provide the greatest possible rise from their constituent parts and bring out the best in our corals. The Radion G6 features an updated LED location and a new hemispherically edge illuminating optic system to deliver breathtaking sparkle, excellent color mixing, the same degree of brightness, fantastic spread, and even adaptable shades!

  • New HEI2 Optic System
  • Super-Wide 126.3 Degree Spread
  • 395nm Diodes for Ultimate Fluorescence
  • Rebalanced Shade Networks and also LED Mix
  • Also The Same Level & High Result
  • Moonlight & Weather Simulation
  • Verified CoralLab AB+ Spectrum
  • Totally Programmable
  • Wireless Mobius Application control

Astonishing Spread with HEI2 Optical System

The amazing 126.3 degree spread of the Radion G6 is made possible by a new and upgraded optical technology. In order to increase the outcome from an already remarkable 110.5 degrees to an extraordinary 126.3 degrees, EcoTech modified the main lens on the LEDs, which then merges with the geometry of the current HEI (Hemispherically Side Illuminating) secondary lens. The extremely wide spread has the added benefit of increasing output by reflecting light off the glass aquarium edges and reflecting it back into the tank, avoiding shadows and illuminating the coral reefs’ undersides. You may now light your tanks with even less components, according to this.

The G6 is one of the most effective aquarium lights now available since it has the highest average result of all Radions and can provide even PAR over approximately 4 feet of protection area on its XR30 variants.

Blue vs. Pro

The Radion G6 BLUE has returned and is now even bluer! Changes to the diode mixture and the inclusion of 395nm employ new levels of shadow intensity and more fluorescence. With the G6, you can now adjust the Blue between actinic and crisp to achieve the visual appeal that works best for your container.

The lighting of choice in many public fish tanks, aquaculture facilities, and coral spawning labs around the world is the Radion G6 PRO. It combines a balanced LED with tried-and-true spectrums to provide illumination effects akin to metal halide lighting.

Compact & Sleek, High-Quality Design

One of the least intrusive tools for reef fish tanks is what EcoTech Marine wants to make. The G6 continues to display Radion’s sophisticated styling, small size, and quiet follower with cutting-edge heatsink. The Radion has an innovative design, high-end components, and unmatched customer support. Even better, you can still tailor your illumination experience to meet the demands of your individual fish tank thanks to the Radion G6’s continued backward compatibility with the wide range of mounting choices and devices offered by the previous generation of Radion.

Mobius Control

More colours imply more channels, and also Mobius makes programming and also operating your G6 more simpler and also quicker. Mobius suggests setup and program execution almost instantly. Either the current iOS or Android smart device operating systems allow for local wireless management and programming. You don’t need to buy a new controller to get the best app-based control!

You can effortlessly connect, operate, and program your whole collection of EcoTech products with your iPhone or Android smart smartphone using the Mobius intelligent control platform. That implies that it is possible to regulate pumps, lights, applications, and flow from a central location without having to buy expensive modules or controllers. The visual user experience of the app is intuitive and simple, just like fish tank automation should be. Mobius is easily and cost-free to download and set up from the App Store or Google Play.