Pom Pom Gracilaria Macro Algae



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Pom Pom Gracilaria is a red macro algae that is used for nutrient control as well as for decorative purposes.

It does best when tumbled in a refugium with ample water movement. Make sure to provide adequate lighting for your Pom Pom Gracilaria culture to ensure that it will thrive.

Please note that tangs and other herbivores/ Omnivores will consume this algae.

Images are examples of sizes you will receive.

  • Ravenous consumer of nitrates, phosphates and dissolved organic wastes. 
  • Resists biofouling and remains in large, manageable pieces. 
  • Inhibits growth of pest algae/bacteria through nutrient depletion and localized oxygenation. 
  • Acts as bioactive substrate for copepods, amphipods and beneficial microbes.
  • Beautiful red corporation to accent macroalgae aquariums and display refugiums. 
  • Sustainable source of premium nutrition for tangs, rabbitfish and other herbivorous fish species.