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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Move up to 4500 GPH with only 32 watts!

The Octo Pulse 4 is completely controlled, efficient, and only uses up to 32 watts of electricity while creating a wide flow that your fish and corals will like. As the flow is forced throughout your tank, “hot spots” are eliminated and your corals are protected from being blasted. The Reef Octopus Octo Pulse Wave Pumps’ powerful 4500 GPH and 360° magnetic installation allow you to direct water flow exactly where you need it. The Octo Pulse pumps are able to be tilted into practically any position you want thanks to a convex/concave mounting mechanism. The angle may be rotated 360 degrees and modified by up to 25 degrees.

  • Magnetic attachment that is adjustable
  • Uncommon earth magnets
  • Strong and portable
  • Unobtrusive action
  • Includes Controller for Octo Pulses
  • Four predefined pulsating patterns
  • Control is 0-10V.
  • Options for 15- and 60-minute feeds

Simplify Flow with the HYDROS WaveEngine LE Multi-Brand Pump Controller

Up to two Maxspect, IceCap, or Reef Octopus pumps may be directly connected* to the Hydros WaveEngine “Light Edition” Controller for centralized wireless App-based control, minimizing cable and power brick clutter. The 4-Channel 0-10V Control Inputs also enable other devices, such as push-buttons, float switches, and more, to send orders to the controller. The HYDROS App gives you wifi access to all of your equipment from one convenient location, giving you more control over your aquarium while reducing cord clutter.

  • App-Based Wireless Control from Anywhere
  • Control up to 2 Pumps via Direct Drivers
  • 4-Channel 0-10V Input Control
  • Compatible with Popular Maxspect, IceCap, & Reef Octopus Pumps (see full list below)

*To connect pumps directly to the Hydros WaveEngine LE, a suitable 0-10V cable (not supplied) is needed.

The maximum intensity that Maxspect Gyre 280 can operate with is 75%.

HYDROS App — The One App to Rule Them All

Using the HYDROS App, you can monitor and manage all of your Hydros devices from any location in the world after connecting to the WaveEngine LE. You can simply access all of the built-in pump controls and more with the App, eliminating the need for additional controllers, apps, power sources, cords, or wires. Utilize the App to centralize all communication, clearing up space in your control cabinet and streamlining your aquarium experience.

What you can do with the App:

  • Indicate the position of each pump inside your tank, along with its minimum and maximum speed.
  • Combine pumps from various manufacturers to create a variety of effects, including triangle, square, since, and anti-sync waves.
  • Create numerous divisions for simple administration
  • Make operation settings for feeding, water changes, nighttime, and other situations.
  • Keep track of both solo and combined pump power usage.
  • Keep an eye on the pump RPM to guarantee peak efficiency.
  • Complete command from any location in the globe
  • Alerts and messages in real-time
  • Make up to 24 hours of unique flow patterns with 1/1000 second precision.


Pump Specifications:

Max. Flow – 4500 GPH

Max. Tank Thickness – 5/8″

Rec. Tank Size – 80 – 500+ gallons

Dimensions – 3.54″ L x 3.54″ W x 3.14″ H

Max. Power Consumption – 32W @ 120VAC

Controller Specifications:

Dimensions – 5″ x 2.7″ x 1.9″

Max Power – 120W

Compatible Pumps:

  • Maxspect Gyre 130 / 230
  • Maxspect Gyre 150 / 250
  • Maxspect Gyre 330 / 350
  • Maxspect Gyre 280**
  • IceCap Gyre 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K
  • Reef Octopus RODC 2500, 3500, 5500 Water Pumps
  • Reef Octopus VarioS 2, 4 Water Pumps
  • Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2, 4 Wave Pumps
  • … More to come!

What’s Included?

1x Octo Pulse 4 Pump

1x Magnetic Mounting System

1x Power Supply

1x Hydros WaveEngine LE Controller