Octo Pulse 4+ Wave Pump (4500 GPH) – Reef Octopus



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Move up to 4500 GPH with only 32 watts!

Recommended Tank Size – 80 – 500+ Gallons

  • NEW WiFi Controller
    • Control and power 2 pumps
    • App controllable
    • Dual Feed Mode (15-60 min)
    • 4 Preset pulsing modes
    • 0-10V Compatible
  • Adjustable magnetic mount
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Compact and powerful
  • Silent operation


Fully controllable and efficient, the Octo Pulse 4+ only consumes up to 32 watts of power but produces a nice broad flow that your fish and corals will love. The flow is pushed throughout your tank, eliminating “hot spots” and keeping your corals from being blasted. Direct your water flow right where you need it with 360° magnetic mounting and a powerful 4500 GPH. Using a convex/concave mounting system, the Octo Pulse pumps are able to be angled into almost any position you need. The angle can be changed up to 25 degrees and also completely rotated 360 degrees.


New Updated WiFi Controller

The Octo Pulse Controller can now power two Pulse Flow Pumps simultaneously and easily adjust flows modes via onboard control or with the intuitive OCTO App available for both IOS and Android devices. Since every aquarium is different, the controller feature 4 preset pulsing patterns that can create a wave or surging effect throughout your tank. Easy one-touch feed modes will shut the pumps off for 15-60 minutes which is perfect for feeding or general maintenance. The controller works with both OP-2 and OP-4 Pulse Flow Pumps.


Universal 0-10V Control

If you use an Apex Controller or another style that has a 0-10v port, you can unlock additional features. Create custom flow patterns throughout the day, but also synchronize your powerheads with the other equipment powered by the controller. The OP4+ is almost universally compatible with most system controllers including the HYDROS Control 4, HYDROS WaveEngine, APEX by Neptune Systems, or the Reef Angel among many others.



Max Flow – 4500 GPH

Max Tank Thickness – 5/8″

Dimensions – 3.54″ L x 3.54″ W x 3.14″ H

Max Power Consumption – 32W @ 120VAC


What’s Included?

1x Octo Pulse 4+ Pump

1x Magnetic Mounting System

1x Power Supply

1x Octo Pulse WiFi Controller with Mounting Cradle