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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The Micro Aquarium Auto Top Off is designed to fit in the Micro Reef-Ready Tank sump, Small-In-One Aquarium, and just about every other tank sizing up to 40 gallons. An Auto Top Off will significantly boost your tank’s stability by keep your salinity levels stable.


The Micro Aquarium Auto Top Off includes a ton of amazing features:

  • Extended Time Filling Technology – Learns the amount of time needed to top off your size of aquarium, and ensures the water level stays between the Low and High sensor position.
  • Anti Fluctuation – Recognizes small wave fluctuations and stops your aquarium from filling when not intended.
  • Quick Security – Ensures your aquarium will not fill past the desired water level. It learns the average amount of water needed to top off your aquarium correctly over time.