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Medium CO2 Scrubber (2.2lb Capacity) – IceCap



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture



It’s a terrific idea to add an IceCap CO2 scrubber to the air input of your protein skimmer if you’re having trouble maintaining pH or if your aquarium has a persistently low pH while having perfect alkalinity. This will help you increase and maintain your pH level within the recommended range. By reducing the extra dissolved carbon dioxide, a CO2 scrubber may quickly and frequently dramatically raise the pH in your aquarium. The enhanced coral development and general health of the ecosystem can then have highly noticeable consequences.

For the best coral development, the pH in a reef tank should be approximately 8.3. Low pH slows coral development; thus, by raising its pH with the IceCap CO2 scrubber, you may speed up growth and reduce pH fluctuations. Coral development and nutrient uptake will be enhanced by a steady pH level. As you boost the pH level, calcium and magnesium intake are also likely to rise. To guarantee your reef thrives, keep evaluating your primary water parameters along the process.



Nearly every aquarium with a protein skimmer may accommodate the installation of the IceCap CO2 Scrubber. Simply attach the tubing from your protein skimmer’s air input to the CO2 scrubber’s output side. Your protein skimmer’s silencer could be possible to take out. Remove the scrubber’s cover next, then put the reactor back inside after choosing your preferred CO2 absorption material.

Reinstall the scrubber’s cover and tighten it to finish. During the first few days of use, check the pH level of the water in your aquarium hourly (or as frequently as feasible). The best approach to monitor your pH is via an aquarium controller, such as the Neptune Apex.

It’s time to change the medium within whenever the pH level starts to fall (often after 2-4 weeks). You’ll probably have a visual signal as well to assist you decide when to replace the carbon dioxide removal media, but pH will be the real determining factor. Most carbon dioxide removal media change colors once they are exhausted.



  • Dimensions: 4.5”L x 4.5″W x 9.5 “H
  • Media Capacity : 2.2lbs (1kg)
  • Connections : 3/8″ Push-Connect Fittings


What’s Included?

  • IceCap Med. CO2 Scrubber (2.2lb Capacity) w/Built-In hanging-bracket
  • 1kg IceCap Color-Changing CO2 Absorbent Media