Live Red Phytoplankton (Rhodomonas Salina) – TSA Aquacultured



Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Rhodomonas salina is a highly nutritious marine algae domesticated for commercial fish, shellfish and shrimp farming.

Color-Enhancing Nutrition: highly concentrated with valuable pigments such as Phycoerythrin which intensify the color of fish and corals.

Profound Overall Nutritional Profile: rich in lipids, amino acids, bioactive vitamins and probiotics.

4-6 million living algae cells/ml. Moderate cell size (8-16um).

Perfect live feed for corals, tridacnid clams, electric scallops, porcelain crabs, sea fans and other filter-feeding marine life.

Ideal for growing home cultures of copepods, rotifers, artemia, moina and other zooplankton live feeds.

Photosynthetic Powerhouse: ravenous consumer of nitrates and phosphates.

Cultivated at reef aquarium salinity (1.0263), thrives off blue spectrum lighting and will survive in the aquarium until consumed.

Dosing Instructions:

Shut off return pumps, skimmers and UV sterilizers for 20 min after feeding.

Can be broadcast fed, drip fed or target fed.

Can be combined with frozen/powdered feeds.

TSA Standard Phyto Bottles (8oz)

Feeds Aquariums up to 20-40 Gallons