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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


No more replacing costly mixing pumps or broken stir bars!

The addition of a kalkwasser solution is made simpler when utilizing a reactor. Kalkwasser is one of the oldest and most dependable techniques to add calcium and alkalinity from a single solution. The IceCap KM-150 Magnetic Kalkwasser Reactor mixes the solution using a magnetic stirrer, eliminating the need to ever clean or replace a costly mixing pump and reducing maintenance to the absolute minimum.

  • Push-Connect Fittings Made of PVC and Acrylic
  • Adjustable Speed Magnetic Stirrer
  • Quick-Fill Cap for Adding Kalk
  • Gravity Drain System for Consistent Doses
  • The Kalkwasser remains potent in a sealed environment.

Up to 200 gallons of Reef Tanks Are Perfect

The Kalkwasser powder is incredibly concentrated, reasonably priced, and easily incorporated into your top-off water. The higher pH of the resultant kalkwasser solution and its ability to reduce CO2 also contribute to keeping your tank’s pH at a more palatable and consistent 8.3.Utilizing the IceCap Kalk Mixer will minimize the need for frequent manual adding and mixing of the solution while ensuring optimal concentration with each dosing to your aquarium.

How does it function?

Simply use an Auto Top Off machine or dosing pump to attach the IceCap Kalk Mixer to any freshwater reservoir. By using the convenient quick-fill cap, kalkwasser powder is then added to the mixing chamber. The fluid within the reactor should then be periodically mixed a few times each day using the adjustable speed motor, which should now be connected to a timer or controller.The newly combined and very concentrated Kalkwasser solution is pushed out and into your aquarium when freshwater is injected from your ATO reservoir into the reactor.The ideal pump to use for adding kalkwasser to any aquarium is one with a modest flow rate. Due to the solution’s high pH, kalkwasser must be added gradually and in tiny volumes, typically multiple times per day. Most ATO systems on the market will fit the flow rate needs of the reactor very nicely because of the small and frequent dosages of freshwater.

What is necessary to get a Kalkwasser Reactor to start and engage? 

The reactor and some top-notch kalkwasser are likely to be the two most noticeable components. There are a few items below that are not included with the Ice-Cap KM-150 Magnetic Kalkwasser Reactor but are not as evident.

Kalkwasser –We strongly advise choosing a high-purity kalkwasser solution because this is the portion that will really get into your aquarium. Today’s market is flooded with kalkwasser supplements, many of which contain excessive levels of aluminum and contaminants that might harm your reef tank. The higher the grade, the longer the maintenance intervals and the longer the equipment will endure, especially when employing kalk in a reactor.

A Slow Flow ATO System -Most of the time, an ATO system can be solved with a low-flow pump and a timer, but there are a few more outstanding options on the market that employ optical eyes and float valves. Due to its high pH, kalkwasser might cause your aquarium’s pH to rise over recommended values if administered too quickly or in large quantities all at once. In essence, the ATO system will hook into the reactor’s input side and force water through the settled kalkwasser solution, enabling the clear portion at the top to flow into your aquarium.

Drain Tubing – A 1/4″ push-connect connector is used by IceCap Magnetic Kalk Reactors, which may be linked to conventional RO type tubing. While many reefers like to use colored tubing for simple solution identification, we prefer to utilize transparent or natural lines with Kalkwasser solutions to observe any possible clogs forming.

Digital or Analog Timer – You may regulate when the solution is mixed by utilizing a simple timer or aquarium controller system. The magnetic stirrer that comes with the base will require electricity.If you do not use a controller, we strongly advise a digital timer; nevertheless, an analog timer can be used to instruct the reactor to mix the solution a few times each day. Just run the magnetic stirrer for a minute or two three to four times a day to keep the kalkwasser solution well blended. We advise avoiding dosing during or shortly after a mixing cycle and attempting to minimize the amount of mixing.


Footprint – 7″ x 7″

Height – 25″

Body Diameter – 6″

Total Volume – 2 Gallon (approx)*

Input Tubing Size – 1/4″ O/D (RO Style Tubing)

Output Fitting Size – 1/4″ Push-Connect

*Note: Kalkwasser powder shouldn’t be poured all the way into the reactor. Based on the system’s evaporation rate and the time between refills, kalkwasser should be supplied. We advise a two-week gap between maintenance and refills, and that the reactor should never be filled more than around 25 to 30 percent full.

What’s Included?

1x KM-150 Magnetic Kalkwasser Reactor Body with Lid

1x Variable Speed Power Supply

1x 1/4″ Push-Connect Ball Valve

1x 1/4″ Barbed Coupler

Note: The Kalk Mixer motor should not be used continuously and should not be left running all the time. Calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser), a dosing pump, a timer/controller, and an ATO system are all necessary but not included. Reactors cannot be submerged.