NuvoSkim Desktop DC Protein Skimmer – Innovative Marine

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


With the NuvoSkim DC Protein Skimmer, you can maintain crystal-clear water in your Innovative Marine All-In-One aquarium!

It might be difficult to find a skimmer that can fit in an AIO aquarium’s rear chambers, but Innovative Marine’s NuvoSkim DC has a tiny form factor and produces excellent results. Numerous bubbles are produced by the needle wheel impeller and the DC driven pump and are then sent via a bubble plate to assist reduce turbulence. You can examine the tank’s condition without having to relocate the skimmer thanks to the low profile cup that barely protrudes from the tank’s rear.

  • Strong & Effective DC Compressor
  • Extremely Quiet Mission
  • Insulating rubber feet
  • Design for Standalone with Rubber Feet
  • Diffuser with Foam Plates
  • Cup Simple to See and Clear

    Recommended for 25-gallon tanks
    The modern saltwater aquariums listed below work together


Recommended for aquariums up to 25 Gallons

the following cutting-edge marine aquariums are compatible

  • Fusion 10
  • Fusion 20
  • Fusion Lagoon 25
  • Peninsula 14
  • Peninsula 20
  • Concept Peninsula
  • Concept Panorama


Footprint – 3.58″ x 2.28″

Height – 9.84″

What’s Included?

1x Desktop NuvoSkim DC Protein Skimmer

1x Desktop NuvoSkim DC Pump

1x Air Silencer

1x Collection Cup & Lid