K1-50 Protein Skimmer – IceCap

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Modern Design and Functionality

For marine aquariums of 40 to 80 gallons, the IceCap K1-50 redefines fine filtration. It is a very small skimmer. The skimmer was created expressly to address issues that other skimmers available on the market cannot.

Compact & Built to Last

Made by a skilled craftsman using premium acrylic and robust PVC. To offer the best quality and most latest developments in foam fractionation, all components are marine safe and well polished.

The air and water mix are naturally stabilized as they climb within the reaction chamber thanks to the lovely “Beer Bottle” shape of the skimmer body. It is the best alternative for small sump scenarios because of its exceedingly small size. The skimmer totally disassembles for simple maintenance.

Quiet Performance & Control

The IceCap K1-50’s DCAIR-700 DCskimmer pump, which is incredibly strong, powers this skimmer and fills it with plenty of microbubbles.

The pipeless output allows for silent operation, trouble-free underwater outflow, and fine-tuning. Other skimmers often guide the water leaving them using a wedge pipe, however this results in inconsistent performance and unneeded noise. The sump cycles without splashing since the possibility of outgoing water escaping on the side of the skimmer and below the water’s surface exists with our pipeless design.

The innovative bubble dispersion chamber, which is situated significantly lower in the reaction chamber for greater foam stability, provides a multi-stage water diffusion and longer contact duration.

Impressive Performance – Remarkably Small Footprint

  • Distinctive Turbulence Reducing Body
  • Includes Optional Hanging Bracket
  • Solid PVC & Acrylic Construction
  • Bubble Dispersant Chamber
  • Novel Pipeless Output Valve
  • Efficient & Quiet Operation
  • Disassembles Completely for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
  • In-Sump Installation Only

K1-50 Technical Specs

Skimmer Body: 3in
Footprint: 4.75in x 3.5in
Neck Size: 1.5in
Total Height: 19in
Cup Drain Size: 6mm ID / 9mm OD

Recommended Sump
Water Height: 6 – 9in

Pump Information

DCAIR-700 DC Pinwheel Pump
Power Consumption: 6watts
Air Draw: 200lph / 7SCFH*
Water Draw: 70gph

*Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup