K1-200 In-Sump Protein Skimmer – IceCap

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Modern Design and Functionality

For marine aquariums between 150 and 300 gallons, the IceCap K1 200 is a very small skimmer that provides a higher standard of refined filtration. The skimmer was designed from the ground up to overcome several obstacles that other products on the market don’t.

Compact & Built to Last

Made by a master craftsman from sturdy PVC and premium acrylic. To give the most recent improvements in foam fractionation and the best in quality, all components are marine safe and polished in every way.

The air and water mix are naturally stabilized as they move upward within the reaction chamber thanks to the attractive “Beer Bottle” shape of the skimmer body. It is the best choice for confined sump applications because of its remarkably small footprint. The skimmer totally disassembles for simple maintenance.

Quiet Performance & Control

The EVair 900 skimmer pump, intended to be extremely robust and packed with a ton of efficient efficiency, is at the heart of the IceCap K1. For simple maintenance, it has an easy grip and twist-locking access to the pinwheel.

The pipeless output provides silent operation, fine-tuning, and trouble-free underwater outflow. With our pipeless design, the sump is circulated without splashing since the outgoing water may escape on the side of the skimmer and below the water’s surface.

The special bubble dispersion chamber, which is substantially lower in the reaction chamber, provides a multi-stage diffusion of water and more contact time for improved foam stability.

Impressive Performance – Remarkably Small Footprint

  • Distinctive Turbulence Reducing Body
  • Solid PVC & Acrylic Construction
  • Bubble Dispersant Chamber
  • Novel Pipeless Output Valve
  • Efficient & Quiet Operation
  • Disassembles Completely for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
  • In-Sump Installation Only

K1-200 Technical Specs

Skimmer Body: 8in
Footprint: 10.23in x 8.5in
Total Height: 22in
Cup Drain Size: 8mm ID / 12mm OD

Recommended Sump
Water Height: 7 – 9in

Pump Information

IceCap EVAir 900 Pinwheel Pump
Power Consumption: 36watts
Air Draw: 900 lph / 31 SCFH*
Water Draw: ~250gph
*Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup