Dual Optical Auto Top Off (ATO) Controller – IceCap

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for a saltwater aquarium and a need for every reef keeper is an Auto Top Off (ATO) system. The IceCap ATO keeps track of evaporating water and replaces it, reducing the daily chore of manually adding water to keep the water in your aquarium steady.


The IceCap ATO is an automated device that employs two (2) optical sensors to track the fluid level in your aquarium or sump. It has a fail-safe design and is well-thought out. Real-time protection against the failure of the first optical sensor is offered by the second sensor. The best thing is that it has no moving components that may break and is quite simple to install.


In order to save the water pump from running out of water, the IceCap ATO also warns you when your top-off reservoir is at an extremely low level. You will be able to observe the status of your IceCap ATO as well as any potential problems thanks to a vivid LED indication.

Plug and Play

You simply move the magnet optical sensor base to the desired water level within your sump or aquarium. It’s that easy!

Mounts to Most Clear, Tinted or Painted Surfaces
Max wall thickness: 1/2 inch (12.7mm)

Everything Included!

Everything necessary for installation and use is included.


  • controller,
  • 2x optical sensors,
  • power adapter,
  • DC brushless pump capable of pumping to a height of ~6 feet and a maximum flow rate of ~74 gph and
  • 6.5′ of water tubing with tubing holder.

Will work in complete darkness!