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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Up until now, our options have been limited to the basic controls for well-known pumps like the Maxspect Gyre, Reef Octopus OctoPulse, EcoTech Vortechs, and Tunze Turbelles. The Hydros WaveEngine V2 is a single module that can concurrently operate and power up to 4 pumps via an app. There is no need for additional controllers because the WaveEngine can manage all of the capabilities of each pump.

Mounted controllers and other control modules will be directly replaced by the Hydros WaveEngine software, freeing up space in your cabinet. With its four pump driver outputs, which are powered by a single power supply, it will also clear up the clutter made by all the large power supplies and wires!


  • Pumps can be easily added, and their placement in the aquarium may be precisely controlled.
  • Use several brands of pumps to cooperate in various flow modes, including sync, anti-sync, triangle, square, and other preset flow patterns.
  • Make a variety of groups and modes, such as Feed, Water Change, and Night
  • Keep track of the power usage of each pump or the aggregate of all the associated pumps.
  • Check the RPM of the pumps to check how they are doing.
  • Compatible with EcoTech Pump
  • You can operate your pumps from anywhere in the globe thanks to full cloud connectivity.
  • Alerts of system status and pump performance in real-time
  • Define custom flow patterns of any duration up to 24 hours with 1/1000 second accuracy
  • Create bespoke flow patterns with 1/1000 second precision, lasting up to 24 hours.

NEW to V2 – Control Up to 8 WiFi Devices

The new WaveEngine v2 can now manage up to 8 WiFi devices, much like the other HYDROS Controls, enabling increased modular control over additional equipment such as lighting, pumps, feeders, and more by only adding a HYDROS WiFi Power Strip or HYDROS Smart Plug.(both sold separately).


How does it work?

Direct Pump Driver: Since the Hydros connects directly to the pump head, the power supply and controllers for the pumps are not required.
Numerous pumps have 0-10V controllability. Four separate 0-10V outputs are provided by the Hydrow WaveEngine to regulate these pumps.

One App to Rule Them All!

Manual controllers and other app controls are replaced with the CoralVue Hydros App. The predefined flow patterns and settings may be accessed by the Hydros app by tapping into the native control platform, allowing you to customize them anyway you like. Make a wireless connection to the Hydros Wave Engine to start setting your flow.


Broad Compatibility

Make pumps from several producers function as a single, integrated flow management system. You may now place a Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4 at one end of your tank and a VorTech MP40WQD at the other, and have them operate concurrently, in opposition to one another, or altogether differently. Best of all, there are more than two pumps available! If you desire, you may also include a Maxspect Gyre in the design.


Do you have a skimmer or return pump that you can control?

Because the HYDROS WaveEngine will also control them, bring them to the celebration!

Clutter Reduction

For reef keepers, the mess of power bricks, cords, and controllers is becoming a bigger issue. Pump controller, power supply, and any required external wireless control modules are all replaced by the four pump driver outputs on the HYDROS WaveEngine. The HYDROS WaveEngine’s ability to power four pumps from a single power source is the best part!

Naturally, installing it is simple. You may start moving water right away by just disconnecting the HYDROS WaveEngine and throwing away your current power supply and controls.

0-10V INPUT Control

Utilize a variable speed input to control any pump. The HYDROS WaveEngine enables 0-10V INPUT linked Pumps to fully utilize all native flow modes and presets without difficult coding, in contrast to conventional controllers that demand sophisticated programming for pumps connected through 0-10V.

Reverse Pump Drive

Some pumps have the ability to run in reverse and offer more pattern possibilities. For instance, if you run the Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4 in reverse, it transforms from a sharply focused flow to a soft wide push. You may use Reverse Drive with the HYDROS WaveEngine to further expand the potential flow patterns.

Cross Engine Synchronization

Even more pumps can be controlled by many HYDROS WaveEngines, and the patterns will still be precisely synced. Pumps linked to HYDROS WaveEngines “A” and “B” will operate in perfect coordination with one another.

Remote Access

You may control everything, including flow modes, schedules, and pump setup, as well as keep track of performance, using a FREE and simple iOS and Android app. Considering that the program may be used locally or in the cloud, connecting won’t be an issue.

When an internet connection is available, you may communicate with your HYDROS WaveEngine via cloud mode. High security and dependability are ensured by the HYDROS WaveEngine system’s integration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

In the case that your internet connection is down, local control provides you the choice of having direct access to your control settings. The HYDROS WaveEngine will work to keep your tank alive no matter what the circumstance!

Battery Backup

The HYDROS WaveEngine may automatically switch to more energy-efficient patterns (specified by you) in order to allow circulation to continue despite a power outage with the help of an optional battery backup system, which is supplied separately.

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

If a pump is blocked or unplugged, you can set up text message alerts and/or email notifications to be informed. You will still receive notifications through email or text if there is a complete power outage at your residence, which affects both your whole tank and internet connection.

Do your pumps ever become soiled and lose efficiency?

Each pump’s power consumption and shaft RPM will be tracked by the HYDROS WaveEngine, which will alert you if a pump’s performance is deteriorating and may need maintenance.

Third-Party Integration

Via the 0-10V control interface, the HYDROS WaveEngine is compatible with 3rd party controllers such the Neptune Systems APEX, Reef Angel, GHL Profilux, and others.

  • Control Pump Speeds
  • Trigger Flow Mode Changes

Splash Proof Enclosure

For secure and long-lasting operation, the HYDROS WaveEngine is housed in a waterproof container with industrial splash resistant connections. Why wouldn’t it be if used in an aquarium?