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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Simply the way we manage flow in our aquariums with a multi-brand pump controller

You may easily add several brand pumps to your aquarium using the WaveEngine LE to get the best flow. Set the lowest and maximum speed that each pump may operate at while operating in tandem with other pumps in a variety of flow settings, including sync, anti-sync, triangle, square, and sine wave patterns, among many others. Connect up to two (2) pumps directly to the controller to eliminate the clutter of several power bricks.

App-Based Dual Pump Controller

From your mobile device, a single software may manage a number of various pumps. Without the need for different applications, unique controllers, or large power supplies that need a “bird’s nest” of cords and wires, you can access all the functions you want.

Simple controllers that handle well-known pumps like the Maxspect Gyre and Reef Octopus Octo Pulse flow pumps have been constrained up to this point by their limited capabilities.

By removing the DC power brick that current controlled pumps utilize, you may lessen clutter in addition to this practical and sophisticated control!

Direct Pump Driver

  • The HYDROS WaveEngine LE connects directly to the pump head, removing the clutter of the power brick and the control head for these pumps.
  • Maxspect Gyre XF-130 / 230, XF-150 / 250, XF-330 / 350, XF-280*
  • IceCap Gyre 1K, 3K, 2K, 4K
  • Reef Octopus RODC-2500, 3500 and 5500, VarioS-2 and 4, Octo Pulse 2 and 4

0-10V Input Control

RECIEVE commands from other devices, including push buttons, float switches, plus much more.**

Here Is What WELE Can Do

One App to Rule Them All!

The requirement for individual manual controls and applications will be entirely eliminated by the CoralVue HYDROS App.

With the help of contemporary technology, we can quickly access the native control platform and all the pre-set flow patterns and modes or even make our own! Communicate with your flow pumps after making a wireless connection to the HYDROS WaveEngine.

WaveEngine LE Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 x 2.7 x 1.9in
Max Power: 120w


Adding pumps is simple, and you can select where they go in the aquarium as well as their minimum and maximum operating speeds.
Use several brands of pumps to cooperate in a variety of preset flow patterns, including sync, anti-sync, triangle, square, and sine waves, among many more preset wave patterns.
Make several groupings
Make operating modes like “feed,” “water change,” or “night mode,” and access them.
Check the voltage, amps, and watts used by each individual pump as well as the combined consumption of all connected pumps.
Check the pump’s RPM to guarantee peak efficiency.
You can operate your pumps from anywhere in the globe thanks to full cloud connectivity.
Alerts of system status and pump performance in real-time
Create bespoke flow patterns with 1/1000 second precision, lasting up to 24 hours.
With the Direct Drive ports, you may use a single 100/240V 4 amp input power source to power up to 2 pumps. (included). It has a 24V/6 amp output.
The maximum intensity that Maxspect Gyre 280 pumps may operate with is 75%.

*A suitable pump adapter

**PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate pump adapter is required to connect pumps directly to the HYDROS WaveEngine LE.