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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The HYDROS Slim Temperature Sensor Probe is an easy and affordable way to monitor aquarium temperatures and maintain them within your desired range. It monitors the water temperature in your aquarium so you can keep it within the safe zone, and you can be immediately alerted if temperatures fall outside of your set parameters. It is a “set it and forget it” temperature monitor that requires no calibration or maintenance (except for perhaps the occasional cleaning). The sensor plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS Controller and does not require any additional power source.


No moving parts
Protects your aquarium from unsafe water temperatures
Manage heaters, chillers, and fans to maintain stable aquarium temps
Receive a mobile alert if water temperature drifts outside the safe zone
Run multiple temperature sensor probes for safety/redundancy
IP65-rating (dust-tight and protected from water spray at any angle).
Powered, monitored, and controlled through Sense Port on the HYDROS Controllers

The Slim Temperature Sensor Probe plugs into any Sense Port on the Control 2, Control 4, and future HYDROS devices. You can use multiple temperature sensors on your system for safety and redundancy. For example, you can place one in your display aquarium and another in your sump. This can be helpful if your sump is in your basement while the display tank is on another floor of the house. The Slim Temperature Sensor Probe is completely submersible so you can easily place it somewhere discreet, like in the back of an all-in-one aquarium, in the overflow, or tucked away in one of the chambers of your sump.


Probe Dimensions: 1.6” x .32”
Probe Connection Type: GX12 aviation-style connector
Cord Length: 79”

What’s Included?

1x HYDROS Slim Temperature Sensor Probe