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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The new definition of Smart, Safe & Stable heating.

The Helio line from Innovative Marine are a new line of aquarium heaters utilizing advanced PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology to exceed current reef aquarium heater standards for improved safety and reliability. Unlike traditional heating elements that utilize resistance wires to generate heat, the Helio heaters were developed utilizing PTC technology from the aquaculture industry, which relies on solid-state ceramic chips that are programmed to reach a predetermined temperature. Thanks to these smart ceramic chips, the heaters are naturally resistant to overheating, and the PTC smart controller continually communicates with and monitors the heating elements to maintain a stable temperature.



  • Corrosion resistant PTC titanium element
  • Titanium remote sensor
  • Magnetic sensor holder
  • Magnetic heating element holder
  • Fast warm up with low surface temperature
  • Solid State Ceramic Chips regulate heat
  • Long Life, energy efficient
  • Audible Alarm
  • 5 Year manufacturer warranty


Each piece of the Helio heating system was created to work together. The PTC smart controller has been fitted with a titanium remote temperature sensor and dual heating element power lines. Since each heating element has its own built in temperature regulation system, there’s safety in redundancy from the controller’s temperature sensor. And if dual heating elements are employed, there is yet another level of safety added to the system. Commercial grade titanium heating sheaths and screws prevent corrosion. Rare earth magnetic heating element holders allow optimal water flow. Quick disconnects for the controller’s temperature sensors and heating elements make for easy maintenance and upgradeability.


Eight Options Available

  • 100W
  • 200W (1x 200W element)
  • 200W (2x 100W elements)
  • 350W
  • 400W (2x 200W elements)
  • 500W
  • 700W (2x 350W elements)
  • 1000W (2x 500W elements)



  • Factory Preset Temp: 77°F
  • Factory Preset Low Alarm: 74°F
  • Factory Preset High Alarm: 80°F
  • Temp Set Range: 59°F to 93°F
  • Low Alarm Range: 57°F to 93°F
  • Low Alarm Minimum Range: -2°F from Set Temp
  • High Alarm Range: 60°F to 96°F
  • High Alarm Minimum Range: +1°F from Set Temp
  • Accuracy: ±1°F
  • Resolution: 0.1°F
  • Calibration Range: ±9°F


Helio PTC Smart Heater Comparison Chart*

Model Wattage # Elements Tank Size Element Length
100W Helio 100 1 10-25 gal 5.75 inches
200W Helio 200 1 25-50 gal 7.0 inches
200W Helio (Dual) 200 (2x 100) 2 25-50 gal 5.75 inches
350W Helio 350 1 50-85 gal 11.25 inches
400W Helio  400 2 50-100 gal 7.0 inches
500W Helio 500 1 85-125 gal 15.25 inches
700W Helio (Dual) 700 (2x 350) 2 100-170 gal 11.25 inches
1000W Helio (Dual)  1000 (2x 500) 2 170-250 gal 15.25 inches

*Based on a 10 °F temperature increase from the current ambient.

Owner's Manual IM Helio Owner’s Manual


What’s Included?

Helio PTC Smart Heater Controller

Helio PTC Heating Element(s)

Helio Remote Temperature Probe

Magnetic Probe & Heating Element Holders