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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The Energy Bar 832 has undergone a complete redesign with stronger outlets, individual LEDs indicating each outlet’s status and power consumption per outlet, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now be connected directly to the Energy Bar 832, saving space and obviating the need for unsightly cords while maintaining the equipment in your tank’s perfect condition.

  • Eight Related Outlets
  • 3 or more WAV blasts
  • Two (2) 24 VDC attachments
  • Other 1Link accessories are powered
  • Outlets’ individual electricity usage

Dimension – Energy Bar 832 – 10″ L x 6.5″ H x 2.25″ W

Not compatible with Classic Apex Controller Systems.

Energy Bar 832

Eight separate, 7 amp relayed outlets are now available on the entirely redesigned Energy Bar 832, allowing you to utilize any outlet for any device. Each individual outlet has the ability to track and detect power use in amps or watts, allowing you to set alerts and send emails when pumps have failed or clogged, lights are not turning on, or heaters are leaking current. This allows you to be alerted to a problem before it arises. Knowing how much each pump, heater, and light costs per kilowatt hour of power allows you to make better judgments about the overall cost of your equipment.

Each Energy Bar 832 has two 24VDC accessory ports that can power small pumps, solenoids, fans, and other devices. Additionally, the Energy Bar 832 has a built-in 100W DC power supply that enables you to control up to three 1Link accessories, such as the WAV circulation pumps and the DOS fluid metering system, without the use of any additional power supplies or outlets. The EB832 also features three AquaHub connectors, allowing you to expand to any current or planned module and fully extending the capabilities of your Apex System.

Neptune didn’t stop there; the Energy Bar now has a brand-new mounting method that positions the power strip correctly while maintaining cord organization. While the outlets are positioned opposite of one another and have a somewhat larger spacing, enabling room for those large transformers, you can plug in nearly anything and everywhere.

Whats Included?

1x Energy Bar 832

1x 3ft Aquabus Cable

Note: The Energy Bar 832 is not compatible with Classic Apex Controller Systems.