Auqa Gadget Desktop Minimax Pro Media Reactor – Innovative Marine



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Keep Your AIO Tank Water Clean

Fill the Auqa Gadget MiniMax Pro Media Reactors with carbon, GFO or any other media that needs to be run through a fluidized reactor. The MiniMax Pro can be put in numerous all-in-one aquarium’s filter chambers and is super easy to maintain. No longer do you need clunky plumbing or ball valves to control the flow with Innovative Marine’s patent pending design that gives responsive flow control from the inner to the outer chamber.

  • Internal chamber works as a removable cartridge
  • Great for GFO or carbon
  • Works with many different types of media
  • Compatible with most AIO aquariums
  • No valves, tubing, or plumbing
  • Efficient and effective up-flow design
  • Can be placed directly in sumps

No More O-Rings

Innovative Marine Pro series of media reactors no longer utilizes rubber o-rings in the cap, but a solid rubber cap to keep any water from leaking out of the top, but still easy to remove when maintenance is required. With reactors that are placed in the rear chambers of an all-in-one aquarium, a leaky cap can easily lead to catastrophe, and Innovative Marine MiniMax Pro Reactors new design completely removes that risk.

Designed For:

  • Innovative Marine Nano 16 Aquariums
  • Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10 Aquariums
  • Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20 Aquariums
  • Innovative Marine Fusion Lagoon 25 Aquariums


Dimensions – 2.3″ L x 2.0″ W x 11.75″ H

Max Capacity – 150mL

Max Flow – 52 GPH

Power Consumption – 2.5W @ 120VAC

What’s Included?

1x Desktop MiniMax Pro Media Reactor

1x Reactor Pump

1x Tank Mounting Bracket