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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Ever wonder how much water your pump is really pushing through your display, reactors, refugiums, or anything else that is hooked into your system?Any apex model may access a whole new level of control with the Flow Monitoring Kit (FMK)!

Flow Monitoring Kit Includes:

  • FMM Module
  • 1″ FS-100 Flow Sensor
  • 1/2″ FS-50 Flow Sensor (Two Included)
  • Two 1″ Unions
  • Four 1/2″ Adapters

The FMM (Fluid Monitoring Module) lets you do:

  • Flow Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Level Detection
  • Power 24VDC accessories
  • Future sensors

It is quite helpful to know how much water the primary return pump of your aquarium is pumping out. The main advantage would be having the Apex alert you the moment the flow stops for any reason, which is often caused by a broken or malfunctioning pump. Additionally, a lower flow rate might be a sign that the pump or the pipes are unclean or are starting to clog up with debris, animals, algae, or the development of microbes inside your plumbing.

The FMM can use this application quite well. A flow sensor has several uses when it is attached to a machine like a carbon, gfo, or biopellet reactor. You will first be able to see if your pump is malfunctioning or not flowing properly. Next, by keeping an eye on the dashboard tile on your Apex, you can quickly adjust the flow into the reactor. Finally, an alarm on your Apex or by keeping an eye on your dashboard will let you know when the reactor is being blocked with debris or if channeling has maybe taken place.

You can view the precise flow rate of the water (or any other aquarium fluid, actually) passing through the flow sensor by placing it in line with your device and plugging it into the FMM. Depending on the type, the industrial-grade flow sensors monitor the flow using either a turbine or a paddle-wheel mechanism.

It is crucial to remember that the flow rate that the flow sensors will send back to you will probably be much lower than what you anticipate or what is stated on the label or literature for the pump. This is a result of head pressure loss caused by physical height variations, lengthy lines, obstructions like ball valves, fittings like elbows, tees, and reducers, and ultimately the loc-line that many people utilize as their tank entry point. For instance, in almost all situations, a pump rated at 3200gph will likely be showing less than half that amount.

One 1′′ Flow Sensor and two 1/2′′ Flow Sensors are included in the FMK – Fluid Monitoring Kit. Additionally offered are adaptor fittings for North American consumers.
(The 1/2″ sensors have a flow rate rating of 30-250 gph, while the 1″ flow sensors have a 150-1500 gph flow rate rating.)


The FMM features a total of four ports compared to the FMK’s three flow sensors. This indicates that you have a port available for usage for something else. Purchase extra flow sensors (also available in 2″ and 1/4″ sizes) or pick one of the options below to increase functionality.

The usage of water-level sensors in an aquarium is quite beneficial. You may use them to automate saltwater mixing containers, check the levels in your supplement containers, and even design an auto-top-off. Float switches have historically been the most often used varieties of these devices, although they are prone to all forms of failure. The solid-state, optically controlled sensors employed with the FMM, however, are significantly more trustworthy.

These optical sensors function by enclosing an LED emitter and receptor in a clear enclosure, which causes the light to bend and break the circuit when it gets wet.

Of course, you could always upgrade your Apex with water-level sensors, but doing so was more difficult than most people could handle. Now, all you have to do is connect in the FMM and the optical water-level sensors! There is no need for a breakout box or wire stripping.

The FMM may be used for leak detection in addition to flow monitoring and level detection. Put up to four of our brand-new, incredibly sensitive leak detection probes where you want that crucial protection for your flooring and your marriage by simply plugging them in! There is a solid surface sensor and a slimline version that may be used beneath carpets.

The FMM is planning another ruse. The FMM includes four sensor ports in addition to a power supply input and a DC24 accessory connection. Your Apex setup gains an additional controlled output as a result. Thus, you are free to use our accessible PMUP or solenoid valve to create your own ATO, for example. Just include our 36W 24V DC power supply. (available separately).