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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The clever Neptune COR-15 Return Pump is unquestionably the smartest pump on the market. Since the COR pumps can be powered directly by any Neptune EnergyBar832 or 1Link module, you no longer need cumbersome power adapters or wall warts, which frees up outlet space and makes cord management simpler. Advanced control options for COR pumps may be accessed by using the Apex Fusion Cloud Software. Make the switch to a COR pump right away to see the difference.

  • Intelligent Technology that Saves Energy
  • Unbelievably quiet
  • Up to 1500 GPH
  • Internal or External
  • 1Link Power Connection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • No Power Blocks

Advanced Control

Control was a primary consideration when the COR pumps were being developed. With Apex Fusion, you can monitor and manage everything, including the COR’s output %, real-time operational feedback, contrasted feed procedures, and pump condition. You can adjust the COR pump’s flow rate and feed mode after plugging it into a 1Link port and pressing a few buttons. You may control the minimum and maximum flow rates for your aquarium by turning on IQ-Level.


Neptune Systems COR-15 Flow Chart

1500 Gallons Per Hour !

The COR-15’s powerful head-loss curve allows it to pump up to 1500 gallons per hour. To adjust the COR pumps output to your reef tank’s current plumbing size, each pump comes with a variety of alternative output connections. Although it is advised to use the biggest 1.25″ Union that is provided, using the other 0.75″ or 1.0″ adapters is completely OK.


Intelligent Tech

Every COR pump from Neptune Systems comes with IQ-Level technology since no two aquariums are the same. Set your tank’s plumbing’s minimum and maximum speed settings to the optimal flow rate. Don’t forget to adjust the minimum flow rate for the feed and in-tank flow modes as well.


Very Silent

The most recent Vector Control, BLDC motor technology is used in Neptune’s COR. Driving the COR pump in a method that is extremely energy-efficient, vibrating and noise-free, and uses less than 50W at maximum power.



KAlways be aware of the status of your pump. With all of the capabilities that COR pumps offer, you can keep an eye on the “heart” of your aquarium and make repairs before they break. Pumps’ internal parts are prone to calcium and other mineral build-up from saltwater aquariums, which might obstruct flow but, more critically, could harm the pump. You can monitor the pump’s internal temperature, power consumption, and flow rate using Neptune Fusion, and you can create alarms and alerts to notify you if anything deviates from the typical range. The COR will really slow down until temperatures return to a safe level if the pump’s temperature rises to hazardous levels. giving you time to react and maintain the pump.


Compatible with any Apex Controller (requires 1Link port)

Your Apex System doesn’t have a 1Link port, right? View the Neptune 1Link Module.

You require a longer 1Link cable. View the 1Link Extension Cable.


Pump Dimensions – 3.875″ W x 4.875″ H x 6.250″ D

Driver Dimensions – 3″ W x 4″ H x 1″ D

Max Flow – 1500 GPH

Max Head – 14FT

Input Size – 1″ Slip PVC

Output Size – 3/4″ Slip PVC or 1 1/4″ Slip to BSPP Union

Power Consumption – Less than 50W @ 120VAC

What’s Included?

1x COR-15 Pump Body

1x COR Driver Controller

1x 1.25″ PVC Union (slip to BSPP)

1x 1″ Slip Fitting

1x 0.75″ Slip Fitting

1x 4-meter (13-foot) 1Link Cable