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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming KH test kits!

Alkalinity (KH) refers to the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borate and hydroxides) in aquarium water. Maintaining correct alkalinity levels in your aquarium is essential to keeping a stable marine environment. When the KH levels drop too low, the pH of your aquarium water can fluctuate wildly, causing stress and even death for your livestock. In marine aquariums, an alkalinity level between 7 and 10 dKH is recommended for keeping a stable pH. The Alkatronic makes it possible to easily monitor and adjust KH levels with little to no maintenance on your end, thus providing you with more time to enjoy your healthy, happy aquarium inhabitants.

The Alkatronic is an all-in-one standalone product designed to monitor and stabilize alkalinity levels in reef aquarium systems. The Alkatronic will automatically correct any KH deviations by dosing carbonates from its own dosing pump or by activating a Bluetooth Smart Outlet (included). The Bluetooth Smart Outlet can come especially in handy for controlling CO2 in calcium reactors– as long as the dKH is below the set value, the outlet will remain on, allowing the calcium reactor to be controlled by the Alkatronic.  If the dKH rises above the set value, the Smart Outlet will shut off the CO2 until the dKH is back within range.

  • All-In-One, Standalone Alkalinity Controller
  • Maintains dKH below or above desired level
  • High precision stepper motors and DC motors
  • Low maintenance
  • Direct control 3rd party calcium dosing system (reactor or balling)
  • Bluetooth Smart Outlet included
  • Initiate real time testing, data export, and alerts via Cloud Server function
  • Compatible with 3rd party aquarium controllers like Apex and GHL via BNC Connector
  • Hardware ready for Dosetronic dosing station

** iOS or Android App Required for use (Android requires Bluetooth 4.2 or above)

As a completely standalone system, no additional dosing pump is required for operation; However, when paired with the Dosetronic 5-Channel Dosing System, the Alkatronic provides the additional functions of “Overall Dosing Adjustment” and “Selective Dosing Adjustment” to auto-adjust dosing channel(s) based on the dKH consumption of your reef system. The Dosetronic and Alkatronic even share the same footprint dimensions, so you can stack them on top of eachother for space-saving effecicency.


  • Power: 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 8.67″ x 5.51″ x 10.63″
  • Connectivity: WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Measure Interval: Every 1-12 hours
  • pH Based Titration Method: Standard deviation +/- 0.05 dKH
  • dKH Measuring Range: 4.48 – 15.40 dKH

What’s Included?
1x Alkatronic unit w/ pre-installed pH probe
1x Power adapter
1x 250mL Concentrated Reagent Solution
1x pH Calibration solution (4.01)
1x pH Calibration solution (7.00)
1x 100mL Graduated cylinder
1x 25mL Graduated cylinder
1x 100mL Testing beaker and magnetic mixing rod
1x Bluetooth outlet (optional use)
1x USB cable
2x Medical-grade adapters and microfilter
Mounting bracket and screws
Silicone tubing Mounting bracket and screws
Silicone tubing