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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The plug-and-play IcaCap PRO Algae Turf Scrubbers are made to eliminate nitrates, phosphates, and other contaminants from aquarium water. An algae scrubber enables you to develop algae in a controlled environment where it can be readily removed, preventing uncontrolled algae growth inside your display tank and, as a result, eliminating impurities from your tank. This all-natural method of water filtration can minimize or perhaps completely do away with the requirement for water changes. The PRO Algae Scrubbers are the best since they can be installed directly in your sump and have an adjustable height. Additionally, an IceCap EVO feed pump is provided for complete plug-and-play setup and operation.


IceCap PRO Algae Scrubbers are made to be installed right inside your sump, allowing the water that passes through them to return to your regular filtering system.The IceCap EVO water pump that comes with the scrubber supplies water to it. As water enters the device, it drips down onto a screen that is flanked by a bright field of LED lights. Less algae grows within the display tank as more algae “scrubs” the aquarium water of surplus nutrients when it starts to develop on the screen. Once the screen has been “harvested” by the algae, a large section can be taken out in order to get rid of the impurities.


To remove the top, first loosen the side quick-release joint. Remove the pipe and algae screen, then submerge them in the sink. To remove the accumulation, use a scraper like a credit card. Take care not to remove all of the algae off the screen as doing so will inhibit development once the system is restored. To help the subsequent batch develop more quickly, leave some algae behind to serve as a seed. Expect to gather algae every 1-3 weeks in typical conditions.


In order to assist maintain the pH of their aquarium water, many enthusiasts like operating their algae scrubbers on a reverse daylight schedule. This may be done by connecting the LED lights to a timer or aquarium controller and setting the device to operate on a 12-hour daily photoperiod that runs counter to the display tank lighting’s schedule throughout the day.

Model Dimensions: LED Lamp Number: Wattage: Screen Size: Water Depth Range: Max. Flow: Tank Rating:

IceCap AGS-100 PRO (Small)

10.8″L x 6.15″W x 17″H 2 x 7W 14 W 8.5″ x 6″ 4-10″ 250 gph up to 100 gal

IceCap AGS-200 PRO (Medium)

12.5″L x 6.15″W x 21″H 2 x 14.5W 29 W 11.8″ x 7.4″ 4-10″ 500 gph up to 225 gal

IceCap AGS-400 PRO (Large)

16.5″L x 6.15″W x 21″H 4 x 9W 36 W 25mm 1.5″ 800 gph up to 350 gal