6 Way Switch Toggle Box for Apex Controller – Adaptive Reef



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The Adaptive Reef 6 Way Toggle Switch Box works directly with the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers to add on mechanical switches which can be used for numerous control functions in the aquarium. Mechanical toggle switches provide fast and convenient access to customizable functions such as turning off a pump during a water change or switching cabinet lights on, without the need to access the controller’s menus. The toggle box has two protected toggle switches and four push-button switches which can trigger your programmed settings.

The two different switch sets add versatility to the system, as the covered toggle switches will remain in whatever state they are switched to and are great when you want extended manual control, while the push-button switches are momentary and can be used to trigger a state such as a timed function that will automatically revert.


  • Works with any Apex Controller
  • Six programmable switches
  • Connects via I/O accessory port
  • Instant professional look and feel
  • No building required


  • Connection Type: 8 pin Mini DIN (connects to I/O port on Apex)
  • Cable Length: 8 ft
  • Covered Toggle Switches: 2
  • Push-Button Switches: 4

What’s Included?

1x Pre-Assembled 6 Way Switch Box

1x 8ft Connection Cable

1x Instructions