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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Dan and Susan Barnes Custom Pack
Pack consists of:

Display Tank XXL Hammer
Display Tank XXL Frogspawn
Display Tank Heavens Gate Torch 2 Heads
Display Tank XXL Holy Grail Torch
Display Tank XL Pectinia + Clown Pair
Display Tank Ricordea Rock
Koi Tang
Green Stylo (Store)
XL Bird of Paradise
Large Derasa Clam
Orange Green Lobo (Store)
Display Tank Rainbow Indophyllia
Display Tank Orange/ Green Lobo
White With Pink Center Goni
Rainbow Indophyllia
Neon Splatter Elegance
Hologram Hammers (3-4 Heads)
Blue Torch (2-3 Heads)
Rasta Torch ( 2Heads)
Peachy Alve
Yellow Alve
Blue/Green Alve
Pink Frogspawn
Neon Yellow Octo
Warp Drive Zoa Chunk7 polyps
OG Bounce in Sump
XL Fuzzy Mushroom
Green Mandarin Pair
XXL Jester Torch Colony
Rocketman Favia Chunk
Rainbow Indophyllia
Rainbow Trachy
Rainbow Trachy
Rainbow Cynarina
Beetlejuice Bower
Light Pink/ Blue Goni
Medium Glow Worm Ultra Toadstool
Plate Mind Blowing Palys
Plate Green Implosion Palys
Plate Mix Clove Colony
Candy Corn Clove Colony
Lemon Laser Clove Colony
Fireworks Clove Colony
XL Plate Rainbow Spectrum Zoas
Md Plate Frozen Apple Zoas
XL Nirvana Zoa Colony Rock
Neon Center GSP Chunk
Mint GSP Chunk
Sm. Jake’s Rose Acro
XL Half Colony Fallen Angel Acro
Lg Tricolor Valida Acro
Lg Snozzberry Acro
Lg Candlelight Stag Acro
XL GARF Bonsai Acro
Md Mango Tango Monti
Lg Oregon Tort Acro
XXL Yellow Tip Acro
Lg Bill Murray Acro
Lg Pink Halo Monti Plate
Lg Long Tentacle Green Toadstool
Mint Pavona Chunk
XXL Grape Ape Acro
XL Supernatural Monti Cap
Supersonic Galaxia Chunk
Pod Pack x3
Dragons Breath