2 x 54 Watt T5 HO Miro-4 Dimmable Retrofit Kit – LET Lighting

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Add to your canopy with the Miro-4 T5 High Output Retrofit Kit from LET Lighting. Retrofit kits give you the flexibility to add T5 lamps virtually to any tank, while keeping a low overall cost. T5 lighting can either be the main light source or supplemental light to another light source like LED or metal halide. The overall spread and coverage of T5 HO lighting makes them really hard to beat.

  • Quiet, cool operation
  • Add to existing lighting, or as main light source
  • Flexible to many different applications
  • Easy to follow instructions

We really like the control and flexibility that T5 retrofit kits give. If you do not want to invest into a fixture, or you have a canopy that will not allow a properly sized fixture inside of it, retrofit kits are the way to go. They can be installed almost anywhere, and the color coded wiring harness makes wiring a breeze. LET includes high quality individual parabolic reflectors made from 96% German reflective aluminum allowing light to be evenly spread across your tank, virtually eliminating hot spots and shadows.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x T5 Ballast
  • 1x Wire Harness
  • 1x Grounded Powercord
  • 4x T5 Moisture-Proof End Caps
  • 4x T5 Mounts/Stand-offs for End Caps
  • 2x Miro-4 T5 Reflectors for lamps
  • 2x Lamp Clips
  • Mounting Hardware for Lamp Clips and Stand-off
  • Installation Instructions
SKU Reflectors Ballast Power Cord Lamp Clips End Caps Stand Offs Wire harness
207779 2x 2 Feet 2 x 24 Watt 6 Feet 4 4 4 Included
207783 2x 3 Feet 2 x 39 Watt 6 Feet 4 4 4 Included
207787 2x 4 Feet 2 x 54 Watt 6 Feet 4 4 4 Included
209495 2x 5 Feet 2 x 80 Watt 6 Feet 4 4 4 Included

Bulbs not included – We recommend ATI or Giesemann T5 bulbs.