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Live Corals

Find the rarest and healthiest live corals on the market — only at Top Shelf Aquatics.

Our Aquacultured Coral Farm

At Top Shelf Aquatics, we know that quality and care go hand-in-hand with a healthy live coral collection. That’s why our custom-bred, unique live coral farm utilizes top-of-the-line equipment designed with only the highest-quality product on the market. For more information on our aquacultured coral farm, check out our Top Shelf Aquatics coral farm explainer video.

Live Corals

The TSA Advantage

Over a decade ago, we opened Top Shelf Aquatics for all passionate live coral and aquatic life collectors. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned salt-water aquarium enthusiast, it’s our mission to provide you with a top-notch experience and products you can count, on time and time again, as you build your collection. As passionate hobbyists and marine-life experts ourselves, you will see the TSA advantage with every order.

10+ Years Serving Coral Enthusiasts Across the U.S.

We Farm Our Own Corals with Experienced Marine Biologists

Choose From Thousands of Rare and Unique Corals

Industry’s Fastest Shipping + Arrive-Alive Guarantee

We Proudly Carry Only the Highest-Quality Brands

Our Expert Staff Is Here to Help You With All Your Aquatic Needs

Ultra Plate – WYSIWYG LPS Colony-All Products


Looking for a convenient way to shop for live corals without having to go to our physical store but want to ensure you’re getting exactly what you see online — size, colors and unique patterns? Our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) collection is perfect for coral enthusiasts like you.


Shop the same rare and stunning corals with even greater savings with our “Almost WYSIWYG” collection! These corals won’t exactly match the ones you saw online but will be similar in shape and size to those pictured online.

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Sweet Heart Blasto Colony – WYSIWYG LPS Colony-Colonies

The TSA Vault

The TSA Vault holds only the best quality and most highly sought-after corals, picked by our experienced marine life experts for their color, vibrance, health, rarity and exclusive reputation among enthusiasts and industry professionals.


Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Contact us, and our aquatic experts will be in touch to help get you on your way to top-shelf aquarium success.
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Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $49+ Gound $399+OVERNIGHT FREE | Financing Available