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LED Smart Lighting

Blade Coral Glow

The Blade Glow will fluoresce your tank and help your corals “pop”. Coral Glow features a LED mix that maximizes spectral peaks that showcase coral fluorescence. Ideal as a supplemental source of fluorescence that can be added to a Blade Grow or supplement your current lighting to find your “just right,” perfect combination.


Blade Coral Glow


The Blade Glow will brighten your aquarium and make your corals stand out. The Coral Glow’s LED mix enhances spectral peaks that highlight coral fluorescence. Ideal as a fluorescence supplement that may be added to a Blade Grow or supplemented with your present illumination to find your “just right,” ideal combo.






Blade Glow Spectrum

In its quest to illuminate coral, The Blade Glow makes no concessions. Spectral peaks in the higher and lower portions of the UV spectrum trigger coral fluorescence peaks and bring out the unearthly hues that make an aquarium sparkle. These peaks are in the lower blue and UV spectrums.

LEDs (per cluster)

The AI Blade™ Glow makes use of the most recent LED technology from top manufacturers, configured for optimal performance.

12 – Royal Blue

6 – 430nm

3 – 415nm

3 – 405nm



EdgeField™ Optics


One of the most crucial parts of a sophisticated lighting system is optics. The Blade Glow’s EdgefieldTM technology produces consistent PAR, slick color blending, and outstanding spread.


Edgefield optics produce unmatched light mixing all down the length of the blade and deliver a stunning 95 degree spread exclusively for the Blade Glow. The specular exit surface produces a vivid, natural shimmer in your aquarium.




The Blade Coral Grow, Blade Coral Glow and Blade Freshwater are available in 7 different sizes. Regardless of tank size or application, Blade has you covered. 



For Blade Grow Sizes Up to 39.1 Inches Tank Rest Included

The tank rest reaches up to 4.5 inches on either side of the blade (for a total of 9 inches).


For Blades over 39.1 inches Blade Mounting Clips are included with your Blade Grow

These clips are compatible with both the AI HMS Single-Arm and HMS Hanging Kit rails.  Different application? No problem, the Blade has many other mounting options available or use the clips with your custom mount.



Water Resistant

Blade is not only adaptable but also durable under the demanding conditions of marine aquariums. Blade complies with IP66 requirements, which denote the maximum degree of protection against water and particulates.


       Build Your Solution


Better Together


Full Custom


Blade Coral Glow is made to maximize fluorescence, while Blade Coral Grow is made to maximize PAR efficiency. Get the best of each by combining them. Although a 2:1 Grow to Glow ratio is ideal for achieving peak performance, one of each is completely appropriate when less light is required.

Blade is beautiful in its adaptability. For your marine aquarium, the Blade Coral Grow works great when used alone as a source of adjusted light. A versatile yet simple spectrum that is attractive and strong guarantees excellent coral development. Edgefield Optics maintains the caustics that give your tank its sparkling appearance while delivering well-mixed color and an extremely even distribution.

Love the vigor of a pendant and the fullness of a big fixture? Accept the entire spectrum during the day if you want to experience a brilliant sunset. Have excellent lighting already, but want to add more or bring out fluorescence? Blade can handle it. Go ahead and personalize your aquarium lights as you like! They are simple to use with your current Radion or Hydra fixtures and so simple to attach that they will work with many others.


Blade Hanging

Using AI’s Blade Hanging Kit is a stylish method to hang your light over your tank. made of premium brushed metal with a classy black finish. Available with all size Blade fixtures in 3, 4, and 6 light combinations.

Kit includes: 2 bars, appropriate number of Blade mounting clips and V-wires. For use with the HMS hanging kit (sold separately).

Coming soon.

AI Blade Elevated Tank Rest

Elevated Tank Mount

The Elevated Tank Mount is a stylish and reliable mounting option for your AI Blade. The raised tank mount, which is suitable for rimmed or rimless aquariums, spreads the light more widely and makes it simpler to enter the aquarium.

Coming soon.

AI Blade Hybrid Mount

Hybrid Mount

Blade attachment is possible with the Hybrid Mount utilizing either EcoTech Radion or AquaIllumination Hydra pendant fixtures. Two mounting bars and clips are included in each kit for use with the HMS, RMS, or comparable multi-light hanging kits. use a single or a number of Hydra or Radion fittings (not for use with HMS or RMS multi-light tank mounted rails).

Coming soon.

AI Blade - M8 Mounting Thread

M8 Mounting Thread


Simple Built-in Control

Smart control is a standard feature of all AI gadgets. For simple setup or programming of your AI equipment, use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android smartphone.



Amazing light efficiency is produced by well considered LED architecture combined with Edgefield lens technology. The Blade creates a light source that is both practical and appealing by offering incredibly uniform output across a large coverage area.

Blade Glow Technical Specifications

Length 12.1in. (30.7cm)
21.1in. (53.6cm)
30.1in. (76.5cm)
39.1in. (99.3cm)
48.1in. (122.2cm)
57.1in. (145cm)
66.1in. (167.9cm)
Width 2.8in. (7cm)
Height 0.7in. (1.6cm)

Power Specifications
Power Consumption 20-140W at full power (model dependent)
Universal Input Range 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length 9.8ft. (3m)
PSU Regulatory Compliance UL, CE & RoHS

What’s in the Box
AI Blade® Glow
Power Adapter
Blade Tank Rest Mounting Solution

Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $49+ Gound $399+OVERNIGHT FREE | Financing Available