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Coral Care Series: Montipora


Montipora Digitata

There are many different varieties of Montipora, such as Montipora Digitata, Montipora Palawanensis, Montipora Aequituberculata and Montipora Capricornis, to name a few. In this video, we will focus on plating Montipora (or “Monti Cap” for short). These types of Montipora extend outward into the water column, producing flower-like pedals in a spiral pattern.

Montipora Digitata is one of the most recognizable corals within the aquarium industry. Loved by beginner and experienced hobbyists, this Monti is most recognizable for its spiral growth pattern. Some of the most recognizable include the classic Idaho Grape, red and green Monti Cap.

Hobbyists have made amazing new patterns and color combinations by grafting the different colors together. This exchange of pigments between two different coral produce streaks of toxic green, dark green and red. Gorgeous strains of Monti Cap have taken the hobby by storm, such as the Sunfire, Starburst and Toxic Green Monti Cap

Montipora Coral Care

Be sure to provide your Monti Cap with moderate to high light. These light-loving coral will grow into the water column to capture as much light as possible, but this can cause shading issues for corals below their large plates.

is always best to dip these corals in order to eliminate the Montipora eating Nudibranchs. These coral pests will only consume Montipora and they will reproduce fairly quickly if not removed. The adult Nudibranchs can be stunned and killed by most coral dips on the market, but be aware that the eggs are not so easy to destroy. Removal of the eggs through multiple dips and scrapings may be required. 

Montipora Digitata does not need to be fed, but water stability is key. These corals can be very fast-growing, so be sure to provide your Montipora with an alkalinity between 8 and 9, calcium between 420 and 450, and magnesium between 1,300 and 1,350. Montipora needs these nutrients to grow and create more coral tissue. Keeping nitrates between 9 and 15 ppm and phosphates between .03 and .06 ppm will provide Montipora with the necessary environment to develop deep rich colors and extraordinary growth. 

Montipora Digitata has secured its rightful spot in the reef aquarium community and will be enjoyed by hobbyists for many years to come.

Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $49+ Gound $399+OVERNIGHT FREE | Financing Available