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Coral Care Series: Acropora

Acropora is an SPS Coral that creates dynamic branching structures which love to bathe in sunlight. Coveted amongst experienced reef hobbyists, Acropora is the coral that reef hobbyists strive to master.  

Acropora comes in a variety of species which has SPS collectors on the hunt for the endless variety of color combinations and growth patterns. Some species table outward such as the TSA Bill Murray and TSA Fruity Pebbles. The TSA Rainbow Fusion branches out in all directions creating a bush-type structure. The sporadic branch growth of the TSA Fire Dragon stretches out in stunning awkward angles. 

Light and flow play an important part in the growth and health of the Acropora. Different species of Acropora can grow at different rates. Acropora prefer more intense lighting than their LPS and Softie counterparts. Place them at the top of your aquascape and avoid any unnecessary shadowing. We suggest keeping your par between 250-400.

Your Acropora will need the proper amount of flow to successfully grow. A stronger flow will help remove waste, prevent debris build-up and bring essential nutrients to the Acropora. 

Water stability is key. Here at Top Shelf Aquatics, we provide our Acropora with an alkalinity between 8-9, Calcium 420-450, and magnesium 1300-1350. Acropora needs nutrients in order to grow and create more coral tissue. Keeping nitrates between 9-15 ppm and phosphates between .03-.06 ppm provides Acropora with deep rich colors and exceptional growth. 

Acropora do not need to be fed directly. If this is your first experience with this type of coral, focus on keeping stable water parameters. Once you have proven growth and nutrient stability, you can experiment with feedings. Acropora can consume a number of coral foods. Here at Top Shelf Aquatics, we use a combination of Reef Nutrition phyto feast, oyster feast, rotifers feast, Aquavitro Fuel, and Benepets

Acropora is boasted as one of the pinnacle corals that hobbyists strive to keep. The time and patience is worth every minute when you see the forest of Acropora branches radiating from the aquascape.

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Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $49+ Gound $399+OVERNIGHT FREE | Financing Available